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Aug 25 (Wed.)

The Federation of American Slovenian Senior Citizens -

Annual Picnic at SNPJ Farm. Dinner catered by Julie Zalar.  Music: Wayne Tomsic Band 2:30 -5:30. Dinner and dancing: $13. Dancing only: $5.

Aug 29 (Sun.)

SNPJ Lodge #142 - Mirni Raj - Port Roast Dinner. Music: Jeff Pecon.



Sept. 1 (Wed.)

St.Vitus St Anne Lodge # 4 AMLA. Monthly meeting in Slovenian Room, St. Vitus Village at 1pm.


Sept. 3 (Fri.)  

S.A.C. (Melvindale, MI) Labor Day Weekend Dance. music: Vikend Ansambel from Slovenia. 5:00 p.m. $5 advance; $6 at door. Dancing 7 - 11:00. Please bake.


Sept. 4 (Sat.)

Slovenska Pristava Veselica Vinska trgatev, Ansambel Stane Mejac.


Sept. 5 (Sun.)

St. Vitus Altar Society Monthly Mass (at 10:30AM) followed by meeting.


Sept. 5 (Sun.)

SNPJ Farm Board picnic.  Dinner at 2:00p.m.  Music by Dan Peters 3:30-7:30. Call Joe Blatnik at 440-943-1191.


Sept . 6 (Mon.)

SNPJ Farm Monday End of Summer Dance 3:30 - 7:30 pm. Music by Wayne Tomsic and Frank Stanger.


Sept. 10 (Fri.)  

S.A.C. (Melvindale, MI) Game/Button Box Night. 6:00 p.m.


Sept. 11 (Sat.)

Foklorna Skupina Kres and Mi Smo Mi present "An evening of cultural song and dance" at  7:00pm at the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Ave. Adults $15 and children under 12- $5. For tickets call Sonja Kolaric at (440) 256-1546.


Sept. 11( Sat.)

St. Vitus Adult Slovenian School. Held in St. Vitus Parish School building. Two Saturdays each month from Sept to May. From 9:15 to 11:30am. Cost is $50 each semester. Contact Lillian Centa at (216) 289-7253.


Sept. 11( Sat.)

S.A.C. (Melvindale, MI) Special event. Music: Vyhlidal Orchestra from Nebraska from 6 - 10:00 p.m. Doors Open: 5:00 p.m. $15.  Food available.


Sept. 12 (Sun.)

St.Vitus Annual Altar and Rosary Society benefit dinner. Sit-down and take-out dinners available. Adults $12;  $6 for child under 12 years-old. Contact the parish house at (216) 361-1444 for ticket and other information.  


Sept. 12 (Sun.)  

SNPJ Farm - Ladies Auxiliary picnic. Music: Joey Tomsick Orchestra


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“The Traditional Diet of Slovenia’ will be presented by Janez Bogataj, PhD at Wise Traditions 2010, an international conference sponsored by nutrition education non-profit, Weston A. Price Foundation. Dr. Bogataj, a life-long scholar and ethnologist at the at the University of Ljubljana, is the author of many books about Slovene traditional foods, customs and traditions.  The event will be held November 12-14, 2010, at the Valley Forge Convention Plaza in King of Prussia, near Philadelphia PA.   Dr. Bogataj will be speaking on Sunday, November 14, from 1.30 to 2.50 PM.   Irena Lukač, the Economic Advisor from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington, DC, will introduce Dr. Bogataj.  This year's theme is “The Politics of Food.” Other speakers will include:  Dr. Will Winter, Sally Fallon Morell, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Bruce Rind. Find more details on To register call 304-724-3006.

To find out more about the conference please check out :

Eucharistic Congress

Father Joseph Božnar pastor of St. Vitus Church in Cleveland displays a portrait of Alojzij Grozde. Photo by Phil Hrvatin June 12, 2010.

This weekend, tens of thousands Slovenian Catholics will stream to the Eucharistic Congress held in Celje, Slovenia. Several years of careful planning and praying will converge at the Congress in honor of the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. As the Divine Providence would have it, the fuller meaning of the Eucharist will be magnified by the beatification of the young Slovenian student martyr, the Blessed Alojzij Grozde.

The congress, which is the country's first since 1937, will take place in Celje on June 13, 2010 with the theme “Eucharist - God's gift for life”. Some 25,000 participants are expected for the event which will highlight the importance of the Mass and solidarity among believers.


Lojze Grozde Beatification




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